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Fibrous Casings

Fibrous Casings


The raw sausage classic with great appearance. Since fibrous casings are permeable to smoke and water, they guarantee a quick reduction of the aw value, producing a pleasant smoky flavour.


Our fibrous casings offer customised meat cling for different drying process. The casings offer the necessary size consistency for the production of pizza salami, even at high production speeds. Good machine peelability without being left to stand beforehand.

Semi-dry sausages

Fibrous casings are the optimal casings for the production of smoked scalded sausage. Controlled drying and the high smoke permeability prevent the formation of a dry edge and guarantee a lovely smoky flavour.

Raw and cooked cured products

With their calibrated impregnations, fibrous casings guarantee easy and residue-free peeling without the meat breaking off, even with raw and cooked cured products.

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