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Kopack Ltd. is all about family. Started by Herman Kopetz as a small sausage factory in Tel Aviv in 1969. Later on his son, Joseph, continued his father's work and grew the business. In 2000 Joseph saw an opportunity in the market and turned the company into what it is known today, Kopack ltd, a packing materials import and distribution company. In late 2015, the reins were handed over to Dan, Joseph's son, who keeps developing the company while maintaining the core values and beliefs.

The company's portfolio includes natural casings of all kinds, artificial casings (collagen, fibrous, poly-amide and cellulose), vacuum bags, wood chips, stainless still products, clippers & clips, ingredients, nets and much more.  Our suppliers are all well-known by their world class quality and service. We always follow the market trends and keep up to date with new products and technologies.

Customer service is one of our main core values. Whether you're a small restaurant or a large factory, we'll make sure you're always happy with our service, products and support. You can ask any of the companies working with us, such as: Mizra, Mania, Valdman, Lahav ,Tiv Tirat Tzvi and many others.

For any question or request feel free to contact us, we are here for you!

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