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Collagen Casings

Collagen Casings

Edible collagen casings:

  1. Rondo:
  • A viable alternative to sheep, hog and beef guts
  • Calibre consistency and superb machineability cupled with excellent cooking performance
  • Consumers' acceptance accrosss a wide range of sausage apps
  • High productivity and cost savings resulting in higher profits
  • Ready to use straight from caddy without pre-soaking
  • Edible with outstanding bite
  • It retains curve before and after process
  • It provides similar appearance to gut but with benefits of collagen consistency in production and consumer attributes
  • It is another casing type pioneered by Devro
  • Hygienic, Safe & secure
  • Simply collagen, clean and free from any contamination
  • The benefits of collagen at glance

2. Fine:

  • Ideal for smoked sausage
  • Variants for steam cooked and dried sausage
  • Superb machinability for high productivity
  • Controllable ‘Bite’ qualities to match consumer expectations
  • Optimal smoke permeability for rapid processing with consistent colour and flavour
  • Calibre and shape consistency for packaging simplicity controlled output
  • Hygienic and traceable sourcing for food safety and brand security
  • Wide choice of size, colours, and application variants to meet specific production requirements

3. Non-edible collagen ring casings:

  • products gain a natural shape and appearance,
  • they imitate natural casings,
  • they acquire a natural and lasting colour during smoking,
  • they dry up in a natural way together with the stuffing,
  • they are permeable to water and steam,
  • they are durable during filling and clipping,
  • they ensure quick and efficient production

4. Non-edible collagen straight casings:

  • they facilitate homogeneous growth of the desired mold,
  • they ensure a quick ripening process,
  • they acquire a beautiful colour during cold smoking,
  • they dry evenly together with the stuffing,
  • they are more resistant to higher pressure during filling

5. Collagen foil:

  • edible product;
  • perfectly bonds with meat, thereby allowing for quick removal of the netting from a products without damage to a finished products,
  • evenly smokes,
  • give shine to products, which is liked by consumers,
  • reduces waste and limits a loss of product’s weight,
  • film sleeve cooperates with applicator, which allows constant production,
  • high productivity that is possible to obtain using an applicator that simultaneously feeds the film sleeve and netting in cooperation with a clipping machine



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